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Where Are You in Your Marketing Planning Process (and a Quiz!)

For some reason, I’ve been really into those BuzzFeed personality quizzes lately. I can tell you which Wes Anderson movie I should be in (Moonrise Kingdom, obvs), what blend of characters I am from How I Met Your Mother (Lily and Robin, because I’m quirky and like whiskey), which Melissa McCarthy character I’m most like (Diana from Identity Thief, ironically), and which Golden Girl I should be (Blanche, duh).

So it should come as no surprise that I have created a quick quiz for you focused on….drum roll please….marketing! Okay, so it isn’t as exciting as learning which cheese you most resemble, but it is helpful.

I partnered up with the folks from Interact* to bring you Where Are You in Your Marketing Planning Process? A quiz designed to help you identify how prepared you are in your marketing plan.

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Stuck for content? Ask yourself these 4 questions

Four Sure-Fire Ways to Unstick Writer’s Block

Writer’s block happens to all of us (trust me, I’m a writer). It’s especially hard when you’re under a deadline, self-imposed or not, to get something written. There are so many techniques that you can use to get unstuck, from taking a walk to meditating. But what happens the next time, the time after that, and the time after that? Sure, daily activity and meditation is important, but without a plan, you’ll be feeling the block.

When it comes to being stuck for content, I like to ask myself a few questions to get the juices flowing again. Ask yourself some of these questions to get back to creating.

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How Dropping the Ball Allows you to Focus on What Matters

This year, I set a goal to read two books every month. I recently finished Drop the Ball by Tiffany Dufu and wow, was it eye opening. The premise is that by dropping the ball in work and in life, we’re able to find time to do what matters most to us. Seems a little counter-intuitive: by not doing some things, we can do other things better.

With everyone hitting the wall on their new year resolutions and letting that list of goals and accomplishments become coffee-stained and forgotten, this concept comes at a great time. Drop the ball. Do less. Achieve more.

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Should You Share Tricks or Tips?

I’m all for sharing actionable advice. That’s what a lot of what I have done on this blog. But we have a responsibility to be careful with our language. To say that you’re sharing tricks can be deceiving. Here’s why.

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Use Mantras to Gain Clarity in Your Life and Business

This could be subtitled: How mantras helped me trust my intuition and manifest cool shit. Trusting your intuition is a hard thing – it’s a total leap of faith when you choose to believe the voice in your head is really telling you something important. Being able to follow your instincts is a hallmark of successful business owners. Repeating a daily mantra definitely snowballed for me. Some amazing things happened and the momentum gained is unlike anything else. See how you can use mantras to gain clarity in your life and business.

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How to Delegate when You’re a DIY Professional

So you want to scale your business and continue to produce what you’re passionate about? The more time you have to do what you like, the happier you are in your business. Why don’t you delegate some of those tasks to a person who’s better equipped for that particular job? Ah, you don’t like delegating. I got you. Here are 3 steps that will take you from cowering-in-the-corner, I-will-bite-you-if-you-make-me-hand-anything-over to delegating dreamboat, ready to fling tasks out left and right.

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5 Places to Find Inspiration for Writing

We’ve been talking a lot this month about content planning and time management. But what happens when you can’t even get to square one? The inspiration step. That all important before-you-even-plan-what-to-write step. Here are some places to turn when you need a boost or to bust through writer’s block.

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