Mercedes Saurbaugh

How we worked together

Copywriting Coaching
Done-for-you Copywriting

I hired Angelica to help me as a writing coach while I was putting together copy for a new website. At first, I had lots of ideas, so she guided me with some writing exercises before we even got into writing the website. Then, she gave me some templates to follow as I was writing my site. She also helped me do the actual writing by noticing where I needed extra assistance and added some extra support in that area. Having both the 1:1 support as I wrote my website plus clarity around my message so I could use the right words my client would use themselves was invaluable!

Angelica knew the right questions to ask to guide me to the solution I needed. She helped me go from confused and overwhelmed to finding clarity in my writing with compassionate guidance and knowledge (and some tough love when needed so I could get it done)!

When I came to you, I was going through the creation of a new brand, and I was looking for coaching on my copywriting, as well as help with strategizing the amount of work I needed to get done. So in terms of the specific problem, I would say that I had a mountain of copy to write and I was looking for accountability and mentorship on conquering the mountain!

Through working with you, I’ve gained the confidence I would have overwise lost by doubting the strength of my copy. I have also gained more skills with my writing, marketing, editing, as well as new SOPs for writing blogs and brand messages.

I can now save time with future content and marketing messages by re-purposing the strong copy that we wrote together! I will also save SO MUCH TIME writing future blog posts and emails through the practice and guidance that I got working with you. Overall, my marketing skills have improved, my copywriting and editing skills have tremendously increased, and I know exactly how to use my brand messaging to attract my ideal clients!

Working with you is always so much fun because YOU are a fun professional to work with. You are the go-to person I recommend for anyone looking for copywriting support because of your unique combination of expertise, personality, and reliability. You are so fantastic at not only getting into the minds of my ICA, but getting into my mind as well which allows you to support me to the fullest potential.

Tristan Thibodeau

How we worked together

Copywriting Coaching

Melinda Urick

How we worked together

Messaging and Strategy Intensive

I was ping-ponging in too many directions related to my business messaging and needed direct help to work through all my ideas that connect back to my values and my vision for my work.

My intensive session with Angelica helped me untangle all the jumbled, plentiful ideas in my head about how to present myself and my business to potential clients. She set up our work so that we started and ended from the same place – setting tangible goals for our 1:1 session, and checking in to make sure that what we were developing together was aligned with my needs and values.

In working together, I’ve gained a framework for consistent messaging about what I do (and who I am!) – a call to action, and a way to describe my work and my ideal client’s transformation. I also feel as though I have a more direct connection to my work – and my “why” – by being able to workshop and say all those things out loud to someone else.

Authenticity in my business messaging was a high priority for me, and being able to work with Angelica together on this helped me feel as though it still all felt like “me” – both online and in-person – when presenting the work that I do and how I can help my clients.

We worked together for a website audit and strategy intensive. For the website audit, I wanted new eyeballs on my website, ones with editing powers to see what the inconsistencies were, and give actionable tips to fixing them. I’ve gained clarity, better branding message, confidence knowing everything has been looked at recently and edited appropriately.

For the launch session [strategy intensive], I needed someone to speak it out to, talk it back to me, and form a plan. I’ve gained confidence that there is a clear strategy, and reason to why I’m doing what I’m doing for our launch plan.

You’ve made an impact with more sales! Clarity of message, making sure it is simple yet comprehensive for the customer.

Angelica listens well and is able to help get your brand story out of you in a way that makes sense and in a way that you can capture it for your customer.

Jenni Ingram

How we worked together

Messaging and Strategy Intensive
Website Audit

Laura Kelly

How we worked together

Done-for-you Copywriting

Angelica has worked on 1) developing my tone in my copy in general 2) wrote the vast majority of the copy that lives on my website and 3) wrote my lead magnet opt-in complete with welcome email sequence.

While I have a good idea of what I want to say to my audience, I leaned on Angelica because 1) I don’t have the time as I am building my business to carve our hours and days to writing all these thoughts down and paper and 2) Angelica understands the power of words and how they connect with people MUCH better than I do. So I could be spinning my wheels trying to write something, when she could crank it out quickly/efficiently but also beautifully.

I’ve gained all the things by working together. Time is #1. But also less anxiety knowing that she is taking care of the “words” so I can get back to doing what I love in my business.

Angelica is professional, super knowledgeable and one of the most talented writers I know. We get along so well, so anytime we interact with each other I always enjoy myself. It is so great to have someone like her that I connect with and also trust implicitly.

Angelica has given me a beautiful written representation of what I do and how I serve my audience. My website would not be what it is today if it weren’t for her.