Become a confident, effective writer &

learn copywriting skills

that will serve your business for, like, a really long time

More than just getting your to-do list of writing accomplished, you’ll learn copywriting skills so you can craft a message that feels like you and reaches the people who need to hear it

Everyone can be a good writer.

(Honestly, you may not even need to hire a copywriter to write for you.)

I know. At the risk of talking myself out of a job…

  • You know your stories best.
  • You can tell what feels good in your body to share (versus a “oh hell no, I am not putting that story on the internet!)
  • You have a relatable way of showing up and sharing with your audience because it’s full of your personality.

But you may not know how to connect all the threads into a message that is both strategic and hits the heart of your audience.

That’s where Copywriting Coaching comes in.

I’ve been where you are…

I hired my first coach because she had knowledge and information that I didn’t, yet I needed it to grow.

And it short-cut all of the heartache and uncertainty that would have eaten up my time, energy, and money.

Maybe you’re where I was. You know you’ve got what it takes, but you’re missing some skills that could bump you and your business to the next level.

After all, copy has a purpose: to sell, to make a connection, to encourage someone to contact you or sign up. There’s a goal.

You can’t just create content and scattershot it all over. For something to really do what you want it to, there has to be a skillful blending of your message and the method.

And you can totally learn to do it! It just takes a little practice. That’s why working with a copy coach is a great idea.

You’ll become stronger and more confident in your skills, just like working with any other kind of coach to hone a particular area.

If you need help…

…Let’s team up so you can accomplish your goals on your terms and have fun while you’re doing it!

Master the skill of copywriting while you create your own copy (and have 1:1 support and accountability so it actually gets done)!

In this coaching relationship, you’ll have a pro in your back pocket to help you as you create copy for your websites, blogs, emails, social media, speaking engagements, ransom notes, lower back tattoos, whatever you want to write.

We’ll combine your personality and soul with my copywriting knowledge to give you a custom coaching experience so you can feel confident in your skills as an entrepreneur and marketer and know that what you’re creating is hitting the mark.

You’ll learn the conventions of writing for web platforms, how to create strong messaging for your brand, and tips and tricks to make the writing process easier. (And no, I don’t just mean “write drunk, edit sober.”)

At the end, you’ll walk away with strong copy and strong copywriting skills to use beyond our time together.

When I came to you, I was going through the creation of a new brand, and I was looking for coaching on my copywriting, as well as help with strategizing the amount of work I needed to get done. I had a mountain of copy to write and I was looking for accountability and mentorship on conquering the mountain!

Through working with you, I’ve gained the confidence I would have otherwise lost by doubting the strength of my copy. I can now save time with future content and marketing messages by re-purposing the strong copy that we wrote together!

Overall, my marketing skills have improved, my copywriting and editing skills have tremendously increased, and I know exactly how to use my brand messaging to attract my ideal clients!

Working with you is always so much fun because YOU are a fun professional to work with. You are so fantastic at not only getting into the minds of my ICA, but getting into my mind as well which allows you to support me to the fullest potential.

Tristan Thibodeau

It’s way more than “being a good writer”!

Confidence in your writing

Sometimes you just need to know that what you’re doing is on the right track. Receive feedback through coaching calls or Google Docs and Loom vids (super simple!) that you can apply to your piece to make it even stronger. Know exactly what to write so it reaches the people who need to hear it the most.

Time saved

Not only are you saving time figuring this out for yourself (and also saving your head from banging against the keyboard wondering if it’s any good), you’ll save time writing in the future. You’ll have so much strong copy that you can repurpose. And let’s not forget that you’re gonna naturally become a faster writer because you’ll actually be practicing and getting better!

Reduce your overwhelm

We’ll prioritize and strategize based on your goals so you know what you’re pouring your time and energy into feels good and therefore will work for you

During coaching calls, I’ve helped clients like you with brainstorming and outlining email sequences, blog posts, sales pages. We’ve strategized copy needs (and schedules) for launches. We’ve written posts together so you have a guide to follow as you do it yourself after the call.


You know how some fitness studios charge you a no-show fee and because of that, you actually show up, even though you really don’t want to? Copywriting Coaching is kind of the same thing! No more pushing your own copy to the side — I’ll help you make sure it gets done.

How Copywriting Coaching works

Step 1:

Apply for coaching and schedule a call to make sure we’re a good fit together.

Step 2:

Share your goals and copy with me, ask questions, and absorb all the juicy feedback during coaching calls.

Step 3:

Gain confidence and time you’d otherwise spend doubting your copy so you can reach the people who need to hear from you the most.

I hired Angelica to help me as a writing coach while I was putting together copy for a new website. At first, I had lots of ideas, so she guided me with some writing exercises before we even got into writing the website. Then, she gave me some templates to follow as I was writing my site. She also helped me do the actual writing by noticing where I needed extra assistance and added some extra support in that area. Having both the 1:1 support as I wrote my website plus clarity around my message so I could use the right words my client would use themselves was invaluable!

Angelica knew the right questions to ask to guide me to the solution I needed. She helped me go from confused and overwhelmed to finding clarity in my writing with compassionate guidance and knowledge (and some tough love when needed so I could get it done)!

Why should I bother learning how to be a good copywriter when I can just hire someone to do it for me?

Effective communication is so important as a business owner. You’ll use these skills not only when you write, but when you show up on video, in podcasts, and when you’re talking to people in everyday life.

(Like when you want tacos, but your partner wants pizza… You can totally use the skills you’ve learned to persuade them to get tacos and spring for the extra guac and another margarita while you’re at it).

With Copywriting Coaching, you’ll receive…

Get started for $1,667/month

**3 month minimum commitment

Hey, friend! I’m Angelica.

I help bold, brazen, change-making entrepreneurs tell their story and write copy + content that’s as true and powerful as possible. And since cookie cutters should stay firmly in the kitchen (or wherever it is you like to bake), the work we do together will be as unique as you — but it’ll still create a powerful connection with your audience!

Let’s create copy that’s relatable, fun, and reaches the people who need to hear it!



Not sure if this is for you?

I get it! You’re investing time, energy, and money into this relationship, so you want to be sure it’s the right move for you and your business. Send me a message and we can talk through it!