Let’s make sure your website is giving off

all the good vibes to attract your ideal clients

It’s decent…but decent is not good enough anymore. We’ll zhuzh up your website so it’s full of your personality and still does what it’s supposed to (yknow, tell people about you)!

You’ve dedicated time and energy to your website. But if it’s snoozin’ on the job, it could be turning off people without you even realizing it.

And all that time you’re spending creating copy to drive people to your website? Kind of a waste if your website isn’t making sales or connecting with your dreamiest clients.

But you’re like… so stuck in the bottle, you can’t see the label. In other words, you’re too close to it to know what to do to improve it.

You want to make sure your website — your hardest-working (and maybe only) employee — resonates with your audience so they do what you want them to do (most likely, buy your thing)!

I got you, babe!

Let’s make sure the website you’re presenting to the world is as impactful as possible!

You know in Parks & Rec when Tom is doing a photoshoot with Ann and Mark for their community magazine and he’s just not having any of what Ann is serving? She throws back, “Screaming, ‘Make your face better’ doesn’t help!”

I won’t tell you “Make your face better” and leave it at that. I’ll actually show you what to improve (and give you suggestions) so your website isn’t the equivalent of Ann’s face.

You’ll get recommendations to improve your website’s readability, flow, and ways to make it stand out to your ideal audience.

Here’s a sampling of what you can expect:

Included in this package:

Reserve your audit for $397!

Fresh eyes on your copy with suggestions for improvement so it connects with your audience and they actually do what you want them to do

(most likely, buy your thing)!

Not sure if this is for you?

I get it! You’re investing time, energy, and money into this relationship, so you want to be sure it’s the right move for you and your business. Send me a message and we can talk through it!