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Category: Mindset

Stop Telling Me to “Get on my Hustle”

Words, especially what we repeatedly say to ourselves every day, form our world. So when someone tells me they’re, “On my grind” or, “Getting my hustle on,” I have a visceral reaction in a very bad way. I can’t help it. It just… *shudder* …makes me cringe.

I propose we need to strike words like this from our vocabulary. Here’s why and what we should be focusing on instead.

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When I Knew I Found “The One”

Everyone has a story about when they knew they found “the one.” The one thing they’re meant to do. The one true mission that makes their heart flutter. My story is of course centered around words. Books and words always made me tick. Finding a job and eventually creating a business with words as the focal point is the best job ever.

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Court Your Clients, Part 1: Dating Lessons You Can Apply to Business

Clients are like dates. You gotta go through a lotta frogs to find the ones that’s going to value your time and wants to be with you. So before you can even think about dating, you gotta make sure you’re ready. You learn from your older sister the lessons about dating, the tried-and-true maxims that everyone spits out, that can also apply to finding clients.

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Use Mantras to Gain Clarity in Your Life and Business

This could be subtitled: How mantras helped me trust my intuition and manifest cool shit. Trusting your intuition is a hard thing – it’s a total leap of faith when you choose to believe the voice in your head is really telling you something important. Being able to follow your instincts is a hallmark of successful business owners. Repeating a daily mantra definitely snowballed for me. Some amazing things happened and the momentum gained is unlike anything else. See how you can use mantras to gain clarity in your life and business.

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