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Use Mantras to Gain Clarity in Your Life and Business

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This could totally be subtitled: How mantras helped me trust my intuition and manifest cool shit. Trusting your intuition is a hard thing – it’s a total leap of faith when you choose to believe the voice in your head is really telling you something important (instead of just being a crazy voice in your head). Being able to follow your instincts is a hallmark of successful business owners. And likable people in general.

I recently adopted daily mantras thanks to a suggestion from my Rock It mastermind group. I had never really paid attention to mantras and seriously thought they were just these things you repeat to yourself when you’re trying to meditate. I had visions of yogi-Angelica, twisted into a Lotus position and sitting very zen-like while repeating, “You are enough” over and over.

That just doesn’t sit right with me. Literally. I mean, I can get myself into a fairly respectable Lotus, but I live alone and it’s too soon for me to get Life Alert, so the likelihood that I’d ever leave that position is slim to none.

And the idea of being all zen and calm while I’m trying to repeat a phrase over and over, willing myself to believe it doesn’t resonate either, though apparently the dude who wrote Miracle Morning screams them in the shower. So there goes that belief that you have to be totally yogi-zenned-out to use mantras.

Mantras do have to be something that you believe or they’ll never work. Do you have to believe it all at the time you start? Yes and no, but there does have to be an element of truth that resonates with you.

Personally. I know that the more I said it, and said it with conviction, the more I started to believe myself.

And the days I didn’t say it….watch out. I was disjointed, unfocused, and argumentative.

Of course, volume isn’t an indicator that you believe it, but it is helpful to really dial up the intensity and get as ridiculous as possible if you feel silly starting out.

(I scream mine in the car over the Pittsburgh alt rock station. You wouldn’t believe how loud you have to get to hear yourself over Nine Inch Nails.)

So these cool things happened when I repeated a mantra every day. Naturally, these things can happen for you, too, and completely shift your life to allow you to manifest the lifestyle and business you want to have.

I changed my vibration.

Positive vibes send out a high vibration into the world. Negative vibes = low vibration.

So if you’re constantly getting turned down by clients or vendors or no one wants to pay for your work, think about how you value yourself and the words you use when you talk to yourself.

Like attracts like. If you’re wallowing around in the shit, you’re going to attract shit right back into your life.

A big part of You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero is believing that you are a fucking badass and you are the best thing ever to come into the world. That’s called operating with a high vibration.

I truly do believe that my time should be valued and I will find clients to value my time and pay me what I ask for.

I also believe that when I give love freely, it’ll come back. So the more I give my clients love, the more they’ll appreciate the work that I do and want to keep being my client.

I’ve shifted my vibration by being aware of the connotation of the words I use. Subsequently, I’m pulling great opportunities into my life and clearing the way for even more. I mean, you’re reading this; that’s pretty great to me.

I focused more on the positive.

Mantras aren’t negative. I never heard anyone say that their mantra is, “When I work my hardest, I get nothing in return.”

Repeating a positive phrase about what I want helps me to focus on getting it because I now believe it’s already there waiting for me. It’s kind of like visualizing a positive outcome. When you see the end results, it’s easier to do the work to get there.

That’s a big reason why practicing gratitude is proven to yield positive, happy results. And people who practice gratitude are happier in general.

Similar to vibrations, your energy goes where you focus it. So when you focus on positive, you get positive back.

I got what I asked for from the universe.

Mom’s catchphrase when I was growing up was, “I’m not a mind reader.” She’d say that shit all day every day. Turns out, she was a big, fat liar because she’s crazy-intuitive, but she has a point.

You don’t go to Starbucks and just stare at the barista, telepathically asking for a venti quad soy latte without whip, do you? Actually, maybe you should ask for that telepathically because if I heard you order that, I’d be obligated to hit you.

What I mean to say is you can’t expect people to give you want you want if you don’t ask them for it.

Same goes for the universe. Ask for what you want. When I did, I got it. Sure, more clients didn’t just fall into my lap, but more opportunities to get what I wanted were presented to me.

Here’s the catch: you have to be specific.

For example: how can the universe deliver “more” money? Technically, finding a penny on the sidewalk is “more” than you had a second before you found it. But if you want to take a trip to Belize and need $2,000, ask for $2,000 specifically. You’ll probably get it.

(FYI: Denise Duffield-Thomas has built an entire business around this idea and is a fantastic resource for manifesting money.)

So from this I was able to tap into my intuition clearly.

Another key part of this is then listening to your intuition and trusting that the signals from the universe are true. Really focus on what your body is telling you. It knows. It has the answers you need and it’s holding them deep down. Just tap into them and pay attention.

Recently, I agreed to a trade agreement with a potential client. Trade agreements are fine, but both parties have to be happy and, the key for me, is that it would be something I’d spend money on anyway.

This, sadly, was not. I couldn’t go down to the Water Authority and pay my bill with something that isn’t money.

My body knew even before I agreed to this trade that it was a bad idea. I was uneasy, I wasn’t able to sit still, I couldn’t hold a conversation at dinner, and I couldn’t turn my mind off to go to sleep. I was physically and emotionally unsettled.

This didn’t go away until I made a firm decision that this was the wrong thing for me to do and I’d rather go back to the client and be honest that I’d need money to continue this partnership instead of spending time and energy that weren’t going to yield me something I could use to have a happy life.

I’m sure you’ve experienced something like this. You had a gut feeling, there was a ringing in your ears, you keep seeing words or themes repeatedly coming back to you.

Be aware of these signs you’re getting. You know exactly what you need to do. Zero in on the specifics and be open to everything around you. And use mantras to help shift your energy and tap into these signs – your intuition.

Repeating a daily mantra definitely snowballed for me. Some amazing things happened and the momentum gained is unlike anything else.

Trust yourself. You have all the answers you need.

What techniques do you use to tap into your intuition?



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