Say what you mean, mean what you say, and stand behind that message with so much confidence.

6-week course + group coaching to discover your message and dial up your content so you can build relationships in your community + grow your business using the power of your words

…without the shoulds and rules that make messaging and marketing so damn hard. 

Summer Camp starts the week of July 8th!

You have something you want to say. You want to show up online like they do, full of personality and their audience swarming their comments with “OMG ME TOO” and all the fire emojis.

But the truth is, you’re so afraid of what will happen if you speak up and share your perspective with your full chest. You worry that you won’t be taken seriously or you’ll piss off everyone and your business will crumble when you do say the thing.

So you dilute your message to be more palatable and hide parts of yourself instead of proudly saying, “This is who I am, this is what my business stands for…take it or leave it!” (Dude, I get it, that’s so scary!)

You have a content calendar and lots of detailed plans to market your business, but if you’re being really honest, every time you post and no one responds, you lose a little excitement to create any of it. So instead of posting, you tinker behind the scenes (maybe that’s the app that’ll help you get so organized, you’ll definitely stick to your calendar now.)

You cram your content calendar with “shoulds” and “swipe inspo” (that, tbh, feels pretty ick because you’re basically stealing)…then feel totally uninspired to create any of it, so you don’t…but the voice in the back of your head is making you feel so guilty for not selling, telling you “No wonder you’re not reaching 6-figure months like them.”

You don’t know how to talk about yourself and what you do, so you take forever to write a post and it’s so confusing and generic, you get no responses. You’re totally deflated and feel like there’s no point to creating content anymore, but you know you need to market your business to get sales, so you half-heartedly show up…and your audience can feel that.

You’re afraid to claim a lane, so your audience doesn’t know what you do, how to hire you, or what makes the experience with you one they need in their lives. You don’t get sales, which makes you feel like a fraud and you know nothing (even though you’re really smart and really good at what you do).

You’re chasing trends and copying what others do so you don’t have to deal with the pain of rejection that no one likes your message (aka: you) when you say something original.

You feel like messaging is just too hard to figure out yourself, so you rely on referrals from people who have worked with you because you don’t know how to reach out and engage with a new audience.

You’re panicking about money after checking your bank account and seeing you can choose to feed yourself or your dog, so you flood out content and rush a flash sale email sequence to try to get any takers…only to burn out and not create content for weeks (and the cycle starts again).

You feel like you’re stalled…you can’t get to that next level no matter what you do (and you’re doing all the things) so you double down and think MORE words is surely the answer.

You’re tired of doing everything “right” without getting the results or impact you desire, but you don’t know what else to do, so you do more of it and girlboss too close to the sun and totally burn out.

I see you doing it all and trying so hard. And here’s the secret… the “right” way is actually your way (not theirs) and letting your personality shine in your content so you can actually connect with your audience as your whole self. That’s what’s going to make your content work for you to grow your business and sales.

After all, you know relationships build businesses. So let’s build some fking relationships.

And that starts by claiming your authority and owning your voice so you can show up in your marketing — standing strong as the leader your community deserves — so you can make the impact you’ve always wanted.

Find Confidence in your Content at


…and bring so much joy and excitement to it (because summer should be fun)!


Over 6 weeks, we’re going to play with how we want our business to feel, the way we show up for our communities, and the types of content we share so we can be confident that our message and marketing will lead to connections, impact, and sales.

You’ll gain foundational marketing and content creation skills (but you don’t realize you’re learning them because you’re having so much fun, you’re just like…oh can do this now!).

Discover how you want your business to feel and the role you play in your community’s life so you can embody that in all of your marketing (and stop second-guessing yourself because srsly, you’re amazing).

Develop your voice, perspectives, and pillars so you are confident in knowing exactly what you fk with in your business and stand behind that in every piece of content you create (talk about saying it with your full chest. The magnetism!)

Understand your audience so you can create magnetic marketing that speaks exactly to where they are in their journey (all of those “daaaamn are you in my head?” replies to your content? YES please).

Learn messaging fundamentals so you can clearly and easily communicate with your audience in ways that feel so authentic to you (and stop sounding like that AI girlboss robot you aren’t and start sounding like the whole ass human you are).

Plan content you’re excited to create so you actually want to show up to market your business (content you enjoy creating is 87% more likely to get posted than content you feel meh about, which means it’s also 87% more likely that you’ll get a sale from it).

Create content you want to share and your audience wants to read so you leave them wanting more (and coming back for it!).

You’ll leave summer camp with the confidence to be visible so you can own your unique style of leadership (because you know messaging and marketing is all about visibility) and practice creating your messaging and marketing with a group of campers who are all here for the same thing!


What You’ll Get…

Create content you want to share and your audience wants to read so you leave them wanting s’more!

Hit that “fall reset” energy (you know, that school’s back vibe) feeling really good about yourself with some new skills and (dare I say) a bit of swag, like check out what I did this summer.

This is meant to fit seamlessly into your summer and be a playful experience, not like a big ol’ lizard on your water bottle to ruin your day.

I feel like for the first time my brand feels REAL and so authentic to me. I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to future benefits. I know our work will help immensely when it comes to crafting content on social media, newsletters & blogs in a timely and efficient manner. I know our work will make building a new website possible. I know our work will give my business a major increase in earning potential and time back on my plate!

Easiest yes I’ve made in my business.

The Curriculum

  • Week 1: How you want your business to feel (to you and your audience when they find you)

  • Week 2: Find your voice, your perspective, your messaging pillars, and your WHY

  • Week 3: Dive into your audience journey

  • Week 4: Clarify your Magnetic Messaging – mission statements, statement of strategic intent, brand position, differentiator, value statements, and all those things that form the basis of your marketing and messaging plan

  • Week 5: Plan content you’re excited to create

  • Week 6: Create content you want to share and your audience wants to read
  • Catching fireflies

  • Whispering in the bunk after lights out with your friends

  • Swimming in the lake

  • Talks around the campfire

  • S’mores…duh

The Vibe


This is for you if you…

  • Are over the “trial and error” part of marketing – you want it to be right…but you’re so worried about “getting it right” first that you aren’t doing anything at all.


  • Are afraid to “say the wrong thing” in your marketing, so you only show parts of yourself that couldn’t possibly offend anyone; you want to feel totally free and confident to express yourself, but you don’t know what’s holding you back or how to “fix” it.


  • Are scared to define yourself…
    • You’re scared that once you pick the thing, then you’re stuck with it.
    • You’re scared that if you’re stuck with it, then you can’t change.
    • You’re scared that if you change how you’ve been doing things, your audience will be turned off and dry up.
    • You’re scared that if your audience dries up, your business dries up.
    • So you dance with the devil you know (what you’ve always been doing) rather than stretch and grow and consider an alternative.


  • Aren’t getting the sales from all the time you spend creating content to show off your services; you know there has to be another way, but you have no idea what tf it is.

Have a bit of a rebellious streak and want to open the door labeled “camp counselors only,” but the sign (and fear of getting in trouble) keeps you from doing it…but you’re still itching to open that damn door.


Hey, friend! I’m Angelica.

Your favorite copywriter and messaging strategist giving you relationship-rich content for coaches and OSPs who give a shit about building trust with their people.

When you’re doing that with the content you share, it looks like adding in personal details that allow people to feel connected to you as a human, not as a business owner or sales-machine. (Because we all want to work with other humans!)

When creative service providers struggle to figure out these details for themselves, that’s where I come in! I’m able to read the label of the jar you’re in and build these details into your brand messaging strategy and content with you.

Let’s create a message that’s relatable, fun, and reaches the people who need to hear it! 

Jenni Ingram

I needed someone to speak it out to, talk it back to me, and form a plan. Angelica listens well and is able to help get your brand story out of you in a way that makes sense and in a way that you can capture it for your customer.

I’ve gained confidence that there is a clear strategy, and reason to why I’m doing what I’m doing for our launch plan.

Here's the tl;dr...

When you own your voice + the message you want to share for your business, you’ll stand in the spotlight as the unique leader you are so you can draw people into you + do what you’re meant to do here.


  • Preventing yourself from marketing because you want to “get it right”
  • Holding yourself back from fully expressing yourself in your marketing (because what if you piss off someone or confuse your audience with a muddy message)
  • Chasing trends, comparing your content to others, and trying to copy what they’re doing



  • Have your messaging + marketing plan figured out and written down so you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel when you talk to people and you can speak directly to the people who need you
  • Feel confident and stand behind your message (visibility is hard, y’all!) so you can market your business because people need to know about you and what you have to offer so their lives can be enriched by what you do – it’s a ripple outward
  • Own your unique style of leadership so you can positively impact the people you’re here to help + enhance their life

My session with Angelica helped me untangle all the jumbled, plentiful ideas in my head about how to present myself and my business to potential clients. She set up our work so that we started and ended from the same place – setting tangible goals for our 1:1 session, and checking in to make sure that what we were developing together was aligned with my needs and values.

Authenticity in my business messaging was a high priority for me, and being able to work with Angelica together on this helped me feel as though it still all felt like “me” – both online and in-person – when presenting the work that I do and how I can help my clients.

Say what you mean, mean what you say, and stand behind that message with so much confidence…

(Because your audience was waiting for someone to say it)

…so you can build your community and make more sales.


You’ll get an email confirmation with more info!

6-week virtual course + group coaching around messaging and marketing so you can walk into fall with the confidence and skills to show up and shine on the stage, owning your voice and standing strong in your spotlight (AKA: actually market your business and say what you really want to say with your whole chest like the badass bish you are).

Summer Camp takes place from the week of July 8 to the week of August 12. We’ll have one call each week, time TBD based on what’s best for everyone’s schedule.

Summer Camp is $247 paid in full or you can split that into payments of 2 monthly or 3 bi-weekly!

Yay! We can discuss your options at the end of camp!

Let’s do it. Send me an email and let’s chat about what’s coming up for you so you can feel really good about making this decision. (This convo is no-strings-attached; talking more isn’t a commitment to working with me in this or any other capacity. Just helping you make the best decision for you!)