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For some reason, I’ve been really into those BuzzFeed personality quizzes lately. I can tell you which Wes Anderson movie I should be in (Moonrise Kingdom, obvs), what blend of characters I am from How I Met Your Mother (Lily and Robin, because I’m quirky and like whiskey), which Melissa McCarthy character I’m most like (Diana from Identity Thief, ironically), and which Golden Girl I should be (Dorothy, duh).

So it should come as no surprise that I have created a quick quiz for you focused on….drum roll please….marketing! Okay, so it isn’t as exciting as learning which cheese you most resemble, but it is helpful.

I partnered up with the folks from Interact* to bring you Where Are You in Your Marketing Planning Process? A quiz designed to help you identify how prepared you are in your marketing plan.

I’m launching this today and will absolutely check in later this summer to share some concrete results, but Kayla Hollatz has driven so many email sign ups just by having a quiz run on her website. She breaks down the four must-have elements to think of when creating a quiz for your website when you want to drive email list growth.

Before we get to the quiz, let me share:

A few things I’ve discovered through this process…

It is a lot harder than it looks to create a quiz. If you want to have a well-organized and thoughtful quiz, here are a few tips I learned from my early start in the process.

Plan, plan plan.

You MUST have a plan. It helps to have the quiz topic, results, and questions figured out in advance for everything to flow well together. I’m a fan of taking pen to paper, so I should have mapped out my quiz on paper first before launching it on the website. It would have been so helpful to have a direction and a flow chart first instead of putting it together after.

Interact has analytics built in, so I’ll be interested to see where and how I can tweak this for best results down the road.

Think of the results, then write the questions.

I really appreciate that Interact arranges the quiz builder by presenting the results first, then the questions. Like having your destination in mind before you get in the car for a drive, it allows you to know where you’re going before creating the content.

Have a freebie in mind to help with your direction.

At the end of the quiz, each result matches up with a section in my Bootstrap Your Marketing Blueprint eBook. From there, I easily was able to embed the download URL so you can learn more about where you are in the marketing planning process and how to finish up a plan for you that makes sense and gets results.

Are you ready for the quiz now?

Sure you are! Dive right in. I’d love to hear any questions you have in the comments to help you create a marketing plan that you love using for your business!

Fun fact just for you for reading all the way to the bottom of this post: my aunt took the Which Golden Girl Are You? quiz and got Stan. Picture an older woman saying, “I got Stan,” like Charlie Brown says, “I got a rock,” on Halloween.

*In exchange for creating a quiz and reporting back on the process through a blog post, I was able to use Interact for free. I really enjoy their software and would recommend it to anyone looking for a way to boost content upgrade downloads, email subscriptions, and lead generations. I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t think it was useful for you as well as me!

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