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So many people find it hard to find their voice or tone, especially when writing something that’s on the promotional end of things. They sit down to write and what comes out is stiff, stodgy, businessy, salesy, or just plain doesn’t sound like them.

It’s important to write in a tone that’s unique to you. The voice is just as much a part of your brand and distinguishing features as the colors and fonts you use. When you have a voice that’s yours, people will read an Instagram caption and say, “Oh yeah, I can see her saying that.”

The voice you use in your copy is just as much a part of your brand and distinguishing features as your colors and fonts. Here are two easy ways to nail it.

Not only does it help your brand, it gives you consistency which in turn gives authority.

Think about some people with a very specific voice. For example, Marie Forleo can get a little Jersey. It would bey very weird if Danielle Laporte went into that voice. She’s a little softer, sometimes with an edge, but generally a kind, soothing writer and speaker.

Yes, these are big names in the coaching/help world, and even if you’re a small business, you need a consistent, authentic voice, too. It’s hard to write naturally like you talk. Or is it?

Here are two of my most favorite ways to nail your brand voice and tone. They’re ridiculously easy. So easy you may be thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that already?”

Usually it’s the simple things that make the biggest impact.

The voice you use in your copy is just as much a part of your brand and distinguishing features as your colors and fonts. Here are two easy ways to nail it.

Talk It Out

It can seem overwhelming when you sit down to write something. You don’t know who you’re talking to, especially if it’s going to social media where literally the world could be reading it.

If you can’t picture your client avatar (or just kinda don’t give a shit about that…) direct your words to a friend. Write like you’re talking to a trusted girlfriend and explain your product in real language as if you’re talking to a specific person in your circle.

You wouldn’t give her a stiff sales pitch if you just discovered this amazing product. No!

Instead, you’d go into why it’s so amazing (the benefits it gives you) and how it’s changed your life/made breakfast prep easier/automated your laundry/whatever. Product features and service package specifics would be secondary, maybe you wouldn’t even bother mentioning that at all.

So how do you get into that voice of naturally talking to a friend instead of trying too hard?

Record yourself speaking what you want to share. Transcribe and edit it and there is your post.

Alternatively, employ a friend to do this. (I find it helps to bribe your friends. Chips and guac will usually do it.) Have them call you out when you start to sound like politician instead of yourself.

Practice Makes Perfect

Yes, this is ridiculously like, duhhh. Really, you will not get better at something if you don’t try!

Start a blog. Do morning pages. Just start. You can’t find your voice if you never write anything. Don’t let fear stop you from getting your words out.

Worst case scenario, you can start over. And that really isn’t that much of a worst case scenario after all. (Just don’t get caught in that loop of scrapping everything you write because “OMG it all sucks and I can’t do this and this is dumb okay bye.”

How have you found your voice? What techniques did you use to hone in on your language and word choice?

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