How to Convey Your Why to Your Audience

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There must always be a motive behind your actions, a goal and a reason for doing what you do. This is true in life and it’s true in writing and marketing. What is the point of the post. Why are you sharing this.

But if you don’t know what your big, overarching “Why” reason it, it’s hard to make a consistent and cohesive message that your audience will connect with.

In a recent post, I wrote this about finding your Why

I talk about finding your Why a lot. It’s the basis of everything I write for myself and my clients. It starts the conversation when I’m helping someone to plan their content.

Simon Sinek breaks down this concept of Why in Start With Why.

He looks at this as a top-down cone moving from Why at the top to How in the middle and What at the base of the cone.

Your Why is your purpose, cause, belief behind what you do. It’s not about making money, it’s about why you do what you do, why you exist as a business.

You need to have a reason and overall driving message, a mission, both for yourself so you know what direction to take and also for your audience. Give your customers something to get behind!

Conveying your why in everything you write will show your beliefs; your audience will then be able to place themselves in your message. They will “get” your company and want to back it because they see their beliefs (and themselves) in your message.

It also shows that you’re trustworthy, you get “it” and them. Your audience is seen and feels heard and comfortable with you because you speak their language and you’re sharing with them something they want. It goes back to that idea of being able to see themselves in you.

When you provide that belief mirror, their strengths and values are reflected back on them. Who wouldn’t want to stick in the orbit of someone who’s like, “Yeah she gets me and what I’m struggling with. She’s probably been there, too. I want to feel more of what she makes me feel!”

Your Why is your purpose behind what you do. It’s not about making money, it’s about why you do what you do, why you exist as a business. Convey your Why in a simple way to help your audience get behind your company values.

Conveying Your Why

Consistency is key here as with most things. It makes your audience see your trustworthiness. Always focus on the same message. It solidifies your authoritative status to build trust in you.

What’s the Point?

Always write with your Why center stage. Have a goal. It gives your writing direction and ensures it provides value to your readers, even if that value is forming a greater connection.

Use Your Pillars

Think of the categories of content you share. These are your pillars and are the things you can talk about forever. They can always connect to a story to show your values.

Use these pillars to tie it all together and bridge the gap. Show your audience what you value by telling stories using these categories. Then, everything is consistent and always has an undercurrent of helpfulness, inspiration, aspiration, and so on when you impart your Why into everything you share.

Look at Feedback and Testimonials

Look at your feedback and testimonials. What are your customers saying they value? If they align with your values, great! You’re on the right track.

Perhaps your messaging needs some tweaking. To make your customers “get it,” are there any strings you can follow to find the language your customer uses? That way, you can impart your Why in their words.


Before doing anything, THINK. Ask yourself is it: Truthful, Helpful, Inspiring/Informative, Necessary, Kind?

If it is, and said in your words, it’s worth a share. If it isn’t, don’t share it. It’ll confuse the message and muddy your Why (both for yourself and your customers).


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