What is Batching (and Why It’s the Best Way to GSD)

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Batching is a fantastic technique I learned from Melissa Cassera and let me tell you, it is life-changing. Melissa is a screenwriter, a business strategist, a marketing whirlwhind, and generally fantastic resource of information (she has tons of guides that really do help you to write better and connect with your audience).

You can see why she needs to be able to GSD when she does all.of.that and still has a life (I’m assuming, because her dog always looks happy and well-fed).

Her technique for getting everything done? Batching (along with a few other tools).

Think about it. You don’t make each individual cookie from start to finish, you make a batch. When you’re done with one step, you move to the next. It saves time and energy, right? The same thing can be said for working.

So why are you trying to write a blog post from start to finish (draft, editing, optimizing, making graphics) and then starting over again on the next post? That’s like baking one cookie at a time.

Plus, as Melissa says, you get in this creative flow and you’re entirely free from distractions or things that break that flow, like having to open up Canva and then remember which font you used in your last graphic. Just me? I need to start writing shit down. Or taking ginkgo for my memory…what was I saying?


How to GSD with Batching

You can set up your batching schedule however you want, as long as you’re dancing to one song and one song only. I mean, focusing on only one thing.

Set the scene.

Get yourself set up with something you use only when you’re batching. They key is to make it something you enjoy, like a special pen, or a place you visit, like an out-of-the-way coffee shop you adore but don’t get to often.

That’ll put you in a positive mindset. Instead of thinking, “Ugh, how am I going to write five posts in four hours??” you’ll be thinking, “This is great, I get to drink my favorite cappuccino today!”

Have one specific goal in mind.

This technique works great when you have a work + reward system, at least for me. Write down your goal. Now, give yourself a time limit and hit that goal. You’ll be amazed how little distractions disappear when you say you want to write five blog posts by Sunday at 6pm (and a glass of wine is riding on it). Speaking of…

Give yourself a reward.

Need a reward at the end? Me too. You met your goal, go ahead, treat yo’self!

A Few Things you Can Batch..


Scroll through Pinterest and pin things to your secret boards (like I showed you here) but don’t worry about writing just yet. Only focus on getting a bank of ideas stored up.

Social Media Scheduling

Instead of scheduling your social posts per day, schedule per network. Bang out all of Facebook, then move to Twitter, then into your Pinterest scheduler of choice, and so on.

You are scheduling your posts, right?

Blog Graphics

After you have a bunch of posts written, move on to making your graphics. It’s easier to make five graphics in a row than start and stop five times.

And that’s it! What’s your goal for your next batching day?

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