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What is Daily Copy (And Why You Need To Do It)

Daily copy tells a story. It's all in service of letting people know who you are and what you’re all about via the method of storytelling for your business.

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I love writing daily copy. Seriously, I love it. I’m pretty good at writing a sales page. I can do a bang-up job on some website copy.

And what makes me heart-eyes-emoji in love with what I do is telling stories.

That’s exactly what daily copy does.

It tells a story, whether you’re sharing information about the particular ingredient in your teas and why you chose to include that in the blend or you’re asking a question.

It all is in service of letting people know who you are and what you’re all about via the method of storytelling.

Daily copy tells a story. It's all in service of letting people know who you are and what you’re all about via the method of storytelling for your business.

What does daily copy actually do?

I believe daily copy entertains, informs, and connects.

It can sell…and that’s an ancillary benefit.

What you’re doing with daily copy is nurturing your people and showing off what you’re all about.

Don’t get it twisted, daily copy doesn’t have to be “daily.” But it has that “everyday” feel to it. It isn’t an “occasion.” It isn’t copy for a big launch or website reno.

(I wrote that specifically because I can hear your mouse hitting X to shut me down. “HA I don’t have time to write and post daily! Buh-bye!”)

“Alright, why do I need to be doing it?”

Well, there are a few reasons why you need to be sharing your story online.

First, there’s connection. Storytelling allows you to form instant relationships.

People have got to feel connected to you and know something about you if they’re going to work with you.

When you drop a bit of a story into things, you can tap into your voice and form relationships from shared experiences (“You know that dream where….”) or unique “huuuh?” moments that make people want to learn more (“When I lived in Greece and a gypsy told me I’d lose a toe, I never thought…”)

Indirectly, you’ll be giving people reasons why they should they trust you (hell, let’s start with why they should like you.)

If people want to hire you and spend time being coached by you, there has to be a connection. You can start to build that relationship when you share daily copy about yourself.

You can also answer their questions like:

Do you have what they want? Can you teach them how to get it?

Who is this chick and why do I care?

Does this person make me feel something and do I want to get a beer with her?

All of these answers will come when you write about your story and share your journey.

Second, your words have to be compelling.

How do you know if something is compelling? You try out a few ways of doing it. Test to see what works.

When you write everyday copy, you can learn what stories resonate and, more importantly, which ways of writing strike your audience.

Then, you can do more of that!

This is all about having a really low-risk way of finding out what’s going to impact your audience. You’re keeping it fresh for the new people who find your Instagram feed and keeping it entertaining for the folks who have been around for a while.

Third, there’s the practical side. Writing is a muscle you have to build up.

I do not believe that some people are bad writers and some are good.

Okay, yes, I believe that some are more talented and suited to writing than others, but so are some people who are more talented and suited to being…I don’t know…a stunt double.

Doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to light yourself on fire, fling yourself off a building, and land relatively unscathed, it just means others are a little more predisposed to wanting to set themselves ablaze for fun and money.

In terms of writing, some are naturally better at it. But we can all practice and be relatively decent at it.

When you write frequently, you’re working that muscle.

Writing daily copy allows you to practice the skill. You have one story and you have to be able to tell it 57 different ways.

In the words of my business coach, Eryn, Celine Dion has to sing “My Heart Will Go On” whenever she performs, so she has to LOVE that song.

Sure, it may be a drag some days over others, but she’s gotta do it. It’s expected.

Same thing for you when you’re writing marketing copy for yourself. You have to find something you can write about ad nauseum and in myriad ways to keep it fresh and fun for you and your readers.

Daily copy is a great way to practice the skills and find new ways to talk about yourself online.

Convinced? Here’s a way to generate a ton of daily copy that connects.

Today is your lucky day! The Copy That Connects subscription will help you do allllll of this. You’ll get a set of prompts delivered to you monthly that aim to entertain (both you as you’re writing and your audience – because if your content is boring, who gives a flying twig).

The biggest benefits? You’ll save time, make money, and increase your confidence. (Oh hello, yes ma’am.)

Your copy will be consistent, un-sucky, and start conversations with your people that will lead to relationships (and sales).

AND then there’s the non-boring, exclusive Facebook group. You’ll have direct support from me and a gang of gals who put their bullshit belief that they aren’t creative and have no time to write aside.

Together, we can workshop parts of your copy and build your writing muscle (because it’s a practice and being good at it takes time)

There will be video tutorials, monthly Q & A sessions, random bits of entertainment and writing tips, and more inside this guided experience.

Sign up here to get access to a vault (a treasure trove, really) of prompts that will get you confidently writing and quickly connecting with your audience right now.

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