I'll help you quickly & confidently write copy that connects and converts. Because when you have copy that converts, that's when you've struck gold.

Copy That Connects

A vault of content designed to connect! Fresh prompts delivered to you monthly that will help you quickly create with confidence.

You probably have some kind of idea of what you want to be sharing online but the thing is….you’re doing it really poorly. You’re not posting, and if you are, it’s totally half-assed and doesn’t really say what you want it to say.

I’m just going to come out and say it… your social media and blog content is lackluster, has no personality, and is more directionless than your Uber driving trying to find you for a pick up.

I'll help you quickly & confidently write copy that connects and converts. Because when you have copy that converts, that's when you've struck gold.

(You know you watch the little car on your app and go, “WTF dude, I’m over HERE!”)

You need to have a point if you want people to connect with you. And you have to be really good at telling stories.

Stories allow you to tap into your voice and the emotions of the people reading it.

It has to be compelling and hit people in the feels. It has to make them do something.

(Preferably whip out their wallets and stuff money in your face like it’s Friday night and you’re the only person mixing drinks behind the bar.)

You can also answer their questions like:
—Do you have what they want?
—Can you teach them how to get it?
—Who is this chick and why do I care?
—Does this person make me feel something and do I want to get a beer with her?

When you drop a bit of a story into things, you can tap into your voice and form relationships from shared experiences:

(“You know that dream where...”)

Or unique “huuuh?” moments that make people want to learn more:

(“When I lived in Greece and a gypsy told me I’d lose a toe, I never thought...”)

Indirectly, you’ll be giving people reasons why they should they trust you (hell, let’s start with why they should like you.)

If people want to hire you and spend time being coached by you, there has to be a connection. You can start to build that relationship when you share daily copy about yourself.

You can also answer their questions like:
Do you have what they want? Can you teach them how to get it?
Who is this chick and why do I care? Does this person make me feel something and do I want to get a beer with her?

People have got to feel connected to you and know something about you if they’re going to work with you.

All of these answers will come when you write about your story and share your journey.

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- Peace of mind that you *can* plan a content that you’ll want to execute and take easy action on.

- A brand marketing strategy that will nurture your people and allow you to create a true connection with them with brand storytelling that entertains (both you as you’re writing and your audience - because if your content is boring, who gives a flying twig).

- A guided experience in my exclusive (non-boring) Facebook group with Q&A calls, video tutorials, group accountability, and random bits of entertainment and writing tips. You’ll have direct support from me and a gang of gals who put their bullshit belief that they aren’t creative and have no time to write aside.

- A professionally written suite of posts without paying a pro price.

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The biggest benefits? You’ll save time, make money, and increase your confidence. 

Your copy will be consistent, un-sucky, and start conversations with your people that will lead to relationships (and sales).

Because we all know that connection is the key to conversions.

"Find something you’re 




- Julia Child

Copy Writing

Listen, you can be a good writer. You just need to practice.

And have a direction so you can be strategic with your online marketing and know what the f*ck to write about.

This is for you if...

—You need to create content quickly and consistently (because you have business shiz to do and you’d like to enjoy some Friday afternoon beers, too, so you can’t be sitting at a computer all day).
—You want a creative way to tell your business story and connect with your audience.
—Your inspiration well is as dry as your grandma’s elbows and you feel like you can’t possibly think of another thing to write.
—You’re overwhelmed by the volume of content that you everyone says you need to produce in order to success.
—You actually like writing...you just need some help thinking of WTF to write.

Join Copy That Connects and beat the blinking cursor once and for all!

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