Create posts quickly and with confidence so you can connect with your audience using this vault of fresh prompts!

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A vault of content designed to connect! Fresh prompts delivered to you monthly that will help you quickly create with confidence.

Have you ever sat in front of a blank social media post document, fingers poised over the keys thinking, “What the hell am I going to say?”

You have the best of intentions. You want to share something positive with your audience. And you’re at a loss for words.

So you click open Instagram and scroll for a bit, wondering why all these people have something unique and creative to say while you’re marooned on Blinking Cursor Island.

After an hour or so, you give up, totally frustrated and feeling like you wasted your time.

You didn’t connect with your audience. You weren’t intentional with your energy. Maybe you wrote a halfhearted post that didn’t really sound like you. Bottom line: you could be doing so much more with that time. You have a business to run, after all!

With the Copy That Connects Monthly Subscription, you’ll get:

- A vault of prompts delivered to you monthly. Use all of them, pick and choose what speaks to’s totally up to you!

- A monthly theme to give your content direction

- Peace of mind that you *can* plan a content that you’ll want to execute and take easy action on

- A guided experience in my exclusive Facebook group with Q&A calls, video tutorials, group accountability, and some extra surprises along the way

Truth be told, even I feel that way sometimes. And it’s so much easier to write when you have a plan to follow.

Oh, and also things like saving time, making more money, and increasing your confidence when you show up on social media to connect. Those things (minor, ancillary benefits)!

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Sometimes, it isn’t practical to have someone on your team for daily copy, but you need the help of a professional writer.

- You need content that connects with your audience
- You think you aren’t a creative person (hint: you are)
- You’re overwhelmed by the volume of content you feel you need to create
- You should all over yourself when it comes to content (“I should do this because…”)
- You need to quickly write content (because you don’t have all day)

With a copywriter on your team, you could pay $1,000+ each month for social media copy. Then another few hundred for a blog post. And then add in emails.... hello.

Or have a fresh bank of prompts and access to a pro writer (that's me!) for $47/month with Copy That Connects.

This is for you if...

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Tell your story in a relatable, human way.

Once you get in a flow where the words are coming, you'll have generated a bunch of stories that you can use in your marketing to connect with your audience in a way that's meaningful (and human!). 

After all, people buy from people, so show off that humanity!

"Find something you’re 




- Julia Child

Copy Writing

You’ve surely heard that people buy from people.

There’s also a good chance you’ve heard the phrase Know, Like, Trust.

(Meaning your audience first must know about you, like what you’re about, and trust you as a business and person before making a purchase.)

The best way to make that connection is by building a relationship with your audience. Connecting with them on a human, personal level through what you share on social media, in your emails, and on your blog.

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Don’t let Blinking Cursor Syndrome get in the way of building a relationship with your audience in a meaningful way!

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Build relationships. Save time. Make money.

"We couldn't be happier with our experience with Angelica - we just wish we had reached out sooner!"

- Porter Loves Creative

"Consistently exceeds expectations as my increased sales results demonstrate best."

- Elizabeth Schuhmann, Eclectica Gallery

"Angelica is a vital part of what I call my ‘small business dream team’. Her help has directly helped me grow my small business...”

- Amanda Fenner, North Ave Candles

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