Brood: Creatives Support Group

Connecting Kickass Creatives

Join Brood as a Founding Member for $13 with a 7 day free intro til March 2022

Feel connected to others, be seen, and actually get meaningful work done in your business so you can close your laptop and hang out on the couch with your dog and favorite book a whole lot faster.

^^Okay, that’s a mouthful, but I haven’t met anyone who’s said, “Damn, I’d like to work longer hours, feel totally isolated, and not have much to show for it.”

Yet in this online business industry, especially when you’re a solopreneur or on a virtual team, it can feel so lonely.

And it makes doing the work feel like a total drag and downright unappealing. Like, clean the bathroom with your tongue unappealing.

Circle. Group. Collective.

Whatever you call it, we need the connection – and accountability to stay focused on our dreams — more than ever right now.

Let’s be real, FB groups aren’t really “groups” based in community and relationship-building anymore. We’ve about had it with the work from home isolation (and the waistband on our favorite pair of black leggings has about had it, too).

And, most importantly, our spark to get back to working on our business won’t be rekindled by buying another course or coaching or ebook.

We have the tools we need, we just need to sit down and do the work.

So let’s do it together, as an amazing, supportive group full of kickass creatives who have truly unique perspectives and experiences to bring into one mighty community.

So what exactly will you get inside Brood?

Can’t forget the things that make Brood: Creatives Support Group special:

You have all the skills you need — you just need time and space to implement and execute them all. Brood is that space.

Brood is a networking group for creatives to connect with others who “get it.”

When you join a group of others who are in your same industry and mindset, things just click.

You can ask for feedback from people who know exactly what’s going on — and who have probably encountered the same thing, so you know their guidance is gonna be good.

Brood allows you to be seen by a group of those who understand exactly what’s going on for you.

We’ll celebrate successes and ask questions, support each other, share resources, co-work to get the important stuff done, pass around referrals, hold each other accountable, and probably also post pictures of our fur babies (because they’re the real stars here and we’re just working to give them a better life.)

Brood is for you if you’re…

A supportive group of kickass creatives to network, get shit done, and be connected with others who get it!

We’ll primarily use Slack and Zoom for our community. Slack houses all the communication. You’ll find…

We’ll also use Zoom for our weekly coworking calls and other events (accessed through a shared Google calendar).

Here’s how membership works

This is a beta run of the group. As a Founding Member, you’ll get to help shape the group!

And since you’re reading this page, I know you’re an amazing entrepreneur with resources and perspectives to contribute.

You can leave any time you wish (though I hope you stay and let me know ways to make this more beneficial to you!).

Features will be added (like maybe guest expert calls? Courses? Challenges? idk) based on your feedback.

Brood does not tolerate racism, homophobia, bullying, and other forms of hate not listed here. You’ll be immediately removed from the group with no option to rejoin or receive a refund for your time.