Brood: Creatives Support Group

Connecting Kickass Creatives for Encouragement, Inspiration, and Accountability

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Reconnect and recommit to your creative ideas alongside a group who “gets it”.

Creatives need other people, yet so many of us are solopreneurs working (mostly) alone.

(As much as I ask my dog, he’s not the most vocal when it comes to giving feedback on my writing. Sharing his thoughts when I’m 5 minutes late with dinner is a different matter!)

The point is… working alone, especially on days when you just don’t want to sit in front of a computer, feels like a total drag and downright unappealing. Like, clean the bathroom with your tongue unappealing.


Circle. Group. Collective.

Whatever you call it, we need the connection — and accountability — of others to stay focused on our dreams and get the work done.

Let’s be real, FB groups aren’t really “groups” based in community and relationship-building anymore.

Networking (along with how we really feel about it) has changed.

Working in a vacuum and feeling uninspired and unmotivated downright sucks.

And, most importantly, our spark to focus on our creative business won’t be rekindled by buying another course or coaching or ebook (as much as we want to believe it will).

We already have the tools we need, we just need to sit down and do the work.

So let’s do it together, as an amazing, supportive group full of kickass creatives who have truly unique perspectives and experiences to bring into one mighty community.

(PS: Did you know that coworking in a group focused on the same goal produces greater results in less time? Which means better productivity so we can get back to binging Below Deck while also checking off our to-do list in record time.)

All the things that make Brood: Creatives Support Group special:

So what exactly comes with a Brood membership?

You have all the skills you need — you just need time and space to implement and execute them all. Brood is that space.

Brood is a networking group for creatives to connect, inspire, and do our best work — together.

When you join a group of others who are doing similar things with a similar mindset, things just click.

Ask for feedback from people who know exactly what’s going on — and who have probably encountered the same thing, so you know their guidance is going to work for you.

Be productive, focused, and totally light up to do your best work next to folks committed to doing the same.

Brood allows you to be seen by those who understand exactly what’s going on for you.

We’ll celebrate successes and ask questions, support each other, share resources, co-work to get the important stuff done, pass around referrals, hold each other accountable, and probably also post pictures of our fur babies (because they’re the real stars here and we’re just working to give them a better life).

Brood is for you if you’re…

A supportive group of kickass creatives to network, get shit done, and be connected with others who get it!

We’ll primarily use Slack and Zoom for our community.

We’ll also use Zoom for our weekly coworking calls and other events.

Here’s how membership works

All the fun and connection is waiting for you inside Slack!

You’ll click the Join Us Button and head to Stripe to begin your Brood membership. Look for emails from me with links to log into Slack.

Once you do, you’ll be greeted by a community of like-minded folks who are happy to meet you, learn with you, and cheer you on!

What happens after you join

Since you’re reading this page, I know you’re an amazing entrepreneur with resources and perspectives to contribute.

You can leave any time you wish (though I hope you stay and let me know ways to make this more beneficial to you!).

Features will be added (like maybe guest expert calls? Courses? Challenges? — I’m drunk on possibility!) based on your feedback.

Oh, yeah, this definitely won’t work out if you’re not open to others’ perspectives, think your way is the right way, and/or spread hate for anyone slightly different than you.

Brood does not tolerate racism, homophobia, bigotry, transphobia, bullying, and literally all the other forms of hate not listed here. You’ll be immediately removed from the group with no option to rejoin or receive a refund for your time.