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Copy vs. Content: Understand the Essential Variations for Effective Communication

Copy vs. Content: Understand the Essential Variations for Effective Communication and Marketing

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Copy and content are not interchangeable, but they do have a lot of similarities, so people sometimes use them interchangeably. In truth, good copywriting should be creating a connection, like content does, in order to facilitate a conversion (aka: what copywriting is supposed to do).

So if you’re like…shoot I think I’ve been using the wrong thing all this time, here’s a clear (ultimate) guide between copy, content, and my favorite magical third concept, relationship copywriting!

What is Content?

In short… Content nurtures.

This type shows off your brand story, your values, the transformations you provide, what you stand for in your business, who you support, your personality, your vibe.

It uses a lot of storytelling.

A quick note on storytelling…I think people have been using “storytelling” as the big buzzword lately because it’s so important to share connective pieces of your story. Things that make people go “me too!”

And that is important… But you can’t just be a storyteller. Just like you can’t just hit people with the sales stick over and over.

Speaking of hitting people with the sales stick…

What is Copy?

Copy always thinks about the conversion.

There’s always a goal attached to it, whether it is a monetary goal, (like enrolling in a program) or an action goal (like new email list subscribers).

You need copy to support your business because without customers, you don’t have a business, you have an expensive hobby. You need to tell people how to hire you / work with you / give you money in exchange for your expertise. And you do that by using goal-focused content, AKA copy.

Okay, so what if you want to blend the two? After all, copy and content are not mutually exclusive. And a skilled copywriter (that can be you when you claim your message, values, mission, transformation and blend it with a sales-focus that lets people know why and how they can work with you.

Blend Both for Relationship Copywriting

Good copy can and should use elements of storytelling to evoke emotions and guide someone to completing a conversion. This is what I call relationship copywriting.

You’re creating a connection and you are producing that piece with a goal in mind (sales, signups, etc).

Content creates connections. Copy sells. Good copy does both.

Blending both of them is a fine balance between knowing what your audience needs to hear so they’re connected to you and so they want whatever result your offer, service, or product promises them.

This takes some introspection to discover what makes them take notice and say, “Yes, same, me too, that sounds perfect!”

It also takes some skills in being persuasive enough to tell them why they need to join with you in purchasing matrimony.

How to Put in the Work to Make This Possible

1 – Think about what you want to be known for. Make that front and center when you’re writing your copy. After all, yes you need to write for SEO, but a human needs to be able to read it and feel something when they come across your content. Feelings are what sell.

2 – Infuse that into everything you create.

3 – Practice. Practice makes perfect! It’s the best way to clarify your ideas. The more you write it, the more you finesse and refine it. Then, the more you feel it and can truly make it yours.

If you want a space to learn these skills of strategy and copywriting, plus have a safe space to get messy and practice, Copy Magic is for you!

Copy Magic is my group coaching program that will help you confidently show up in your marketing so you can draw clients and opportunities to you like magic! It blends group coaching with practical skills-based knowledge and time to actually do the work to give you an experience that’s supportive, spacious, and sustainable. Infuse your marketing with Copy Magic for messages that connect and copywriting that is so effective!

Learn more here or DM me on Instagram @heyangelicaross to talk about Copy Magic so you’re confident about your message when you share it to the world!

Copy vs. Content: Understand the Essential Variations for Effective Communication and Marketing

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