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5 Content Creation Habits to Stop if You Want to Build Relationships

5 Content Creation Habits to Stop if You Want to Build Relationships

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If you’re creating from the energy of these habits…it’s no wonder you don’t create consistently. (I say that with all the love. AND you know, deep down, it’s true.)

The reason you’re avoiding creating is because of how daunting it feels. And it feels daunting because you don’t actually want to create content how you have been doing it. That’s why it’s bland and boring (for you to create and your audience to consume).

There are so many guides and lists telling you what to do when it comes to creating copy and content that will grow your business and increase your impact. And since I’m more of a “choose your path” kinda gal, I’m going to tell you what not to do and why (and give suggestions of what to implement instead) so you can feel really good about what you’re creating.

The benefit of dropping these content creation habits? You’ll finally say what you mean, mean what you say, and stand behind that message with so much confidence… Because your audience was waiting for someone to say it. And we know relationships build businesses, so use these habits to start communicating and building those business-sustaining relationships!

Content Creation Bad Habit #1: People pleasing

AKA: Holding yourself back from fully expressing yourself in your marketing because what if you piss off someone but what you’re really doing is disappearing into the lake of sameness…

Instead, pick something that your mind cannot be changed about (for me, it’s the belief that words have power) and start creating with that message at the forefront.

It’s easier to practice standing behind a message that not everyone may agree with if YOU are rock-solid in your belief of it. Your confidence will grow from there!

Content Creation Bad Habit #2: Winging it

This looks like not having a content plan or an idea of what you want to say — maybe because you’re afraid you’ll change the plan and all that time will be wasted… Or you worry you’ll feel like a total flake if you don’t stick to the plan, so you decide it’s best not to have one at all…Our brains like to protect us from that “failure” so it’ll keep you stuck in that loop.

Instead, discover what your WHY is and make that the golden thread that runs through everything you create. Yes, it takes planning (or at least some forethought), but you’re smart and can be intentional about your business (because it’s a business, not a hobby) which brings me to…

Content Creation Bad Habit #3: Gaslighting yourself

Comparing yourself to others is just making you think they have it figured out and you don’t. You do. You’re really smart and know so much. It’s time to drop the comparisonitis (and gaslighting by extension) so you can shine on the stage as the full, badass, wise business owner who offers so much value to their audience.

Instead, focus on how you want to feel in your business. This is my favorite and first go-to when I feel the comparisonitis creeping in. I anchor back in to how I want to feel. Because feelings drive everything! It’ll shift you back into thinking about you, not them.

Content Creation Bad Habit #4: Doing it just because someone said that’s the only way to do it

I know you… you’ll get bored, disinterested, or straight up rebel against it and not follow-through on your marketing at all when someone else tells you what to do because it isn’t rated and ranked against your specific why (aka: reason for being here, doing the work you do).

Instead, pick something that gets you excited and create content from that energy. It’s really similar to focusing on how you want to feel…and for a good reason! It’s going to help you get the momentum going so you want to create based on what your intuition knows, not what someone else says you “should” do.

Content Creation Bad Habit #5: Chasing trends and copying what others do

It’s really easy to let our brains protect us here because what if you do something that gets you singled out from the pack? (Damn primal brains.) Deep down, you know you follow the trends because you don’t have to take the chance that your own original ideas “failed”.

Instead, get super-clear on how you want your business to feel and the role you play in your community’s life so you can embody that in all of your marketing.

Go from hiding yourself behind content you actually hate making to proudly shouting your message from the rooftops. Follow along because I can show you how.

5 Content Creation Habits to Stop if You Want to Build Relationships Using Your Words

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