My current obsessions are baking bread by hand, starting seeds and planting a garden, my dog, Jingle, and Gilmore Girls.

Things you'd learn about me over a beer or two:

The truth is… I started my business because I hated my desk job.

Here’s the longer version:

Some business owners talk about having a chain of lemonade stands by the time they were five. They just knew they had a burning desire to build an empire…. Yeahnaw. Not me. I had my nose buried in a book.

So how the hell did I come to start a copywriting business?

I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. 

(Or solo-preneur or soul-preneur or whatever -preneur you want to call it.)


And that was fine….for a while.

But “fine” loses the fool’s gold shine very quickly.

I’ve been a life-long writer, had this side business to make extra cash, and hated my desk job so much. It was literally not good for my health. (I was sick all. the. time. That’s always been my sign to bail out.)

I figured… I can either stay at this job and really hate life and probably die a slow, young death (#kiddingbutnotreally) or I can go all in and take a shot at being a business owner.

So I took a shot and it worked.

I started a side business handling social media for a few small businesses after college that kept me in makeup money while I was working at a desk job.

As I grew my business, I became more and more passionate about helping the women I kept meeting as clients.

(I also realized there’s a lot of shitty content online and we can fix it.)

Between the storytelling and content that I bring to the table and my client’s desire to make change in the world based on their unique skill set, we make a killer pair that works like PB&J.

(Or olives & mayo - I don’t judge, but oddly, I do want a snack…)

Turns out, I fell ass-backwards into the best job I’ve ever had.

Today, I help bold, brazen, change-making entrepreneurs tell their story and write content that’s as true and powerful as possible.

More than "converting" your audience, your words need to be able to express why you're in business and why you're the person to help your people in the next phase of the journey.

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Make your words hypnotic

That's the power of hypnotic copy.

want that for your business?

>> You have something amazing to share with the world and you are making a difference

>> You are a good writer AND there are better things you can do with your time (outsource, baby!)

>> Collaborating and co-creating your copy with the right person produces amazing results

>> Stop being a damn martyr and trying to do everything yourself (yeah, outsource that shit)

Here’s what I want you to know:

(Two Truths and a Lie style...)

>> Copy that sounds like you and speaks to your audience.

>> An incredible experience with a sassy, no BS-kind of writer.

>> Confidence in what you’re selling so you can make ripples outward in the community.

When we work together, you'll get...

Oh wait, I forgot the lie. That’s all true and all yours for the taking.

"We couldn't be happier with our experience with Angelica - we just wish we had reached out sooner!"

- Porter Loves Creative

"Consistently exceeds expectations as my increased sales results demonstrate best."

- Elizabeth Schuhmann, Eclectica Gallery

"Angelica is a vital part of what I call my ‘small business dream team’. Her help has directly helped me grow my small business...”

- Amanda Fenner, North Ave Candles