Let’s create clarity and confidence

to create the conversions you need

and make the impact you want.

Get clear, focused, and sure of your brand’s messaging so you can make the deepest impact with your copy and marketing.

Ping pong balls are for frat house drinking games, not your messaging strategy.

Typically, clients come to me saying they have a ton of ideas bouncing around in their head.

They’re having a hard time figuring out how it all connects to the work they do. And ~yikes~ have no idea how to translate it into words that will inspire their audience to take action.

Unfortunately, inconsistent messaging leads to…

Confusion among your audience

because they have no idea what you actually do. And there’s no way they can recommend you to anyone (say it with me) because they’re unsure of what you offer or how you help people.

No or very slow sales

— see confusion! Your audience has no idea what you do. So how can they hire you? What are they even hiring you to do?

Overwhelm when you try to write something

— since your message is all over the place, you have no idea what words will connect with your audience. It feels like you’re starting fresh each time you sit down to write an email, sales page, IG post…

Distrust with your audience

— because you’re inconsistent, you’re coming across as someone who operates on a whim. And I know you’re anything but a pie crust, but (and, friend, I say this lovingly) your confusing copy is not helping.

Okay enough with that. I think you get it —

a strong, consistent message is important!

Let’s put those ping pong balls away!

Sometimes all it takes is working through your ideas with someone who can crunch it all together and help you form a plan and messaging strategy from what seems like chaos in your mind.

If you’re…

Basically, if your uncertainty about your message is preventing you from sharing your amazing offers with the world and generating connections (and sales!), let’s bring some order and clarity to your message!

Unlock the words you use

to talk about your business and stand out to your ideal audience for all the right reasons

So you went nuts on that Ideal Client Avatar exercise…but you have no idea how to translate it into words your audience will connect with? I got you.

In this 3-hour session, we’ll dig into your core message, mission statement, and values — so you can effectively communicate with your audience in the words they need to hear.

We’ll unlock the language that attracts your dream client and helps guide them to the action you’d like them to take.

Then, we’ll put it all together in calls to action, elevator pitches, taglines, and more. You’ll have a consistent framework for sharing your work and describing your ideal client’s transformation, AKA the stuff potential clients need to hear before they hire you!

Oh, did I mention, this is crafted to you — you won’t sound like every other person in your industry because your stories and unique perspective will set you apart from your competitors.

You’ll leave with a clear idea of your message, mission, and values

so you can consistently share your offers in words that deeply resonate with your ideal audience!

My intensive session with Angelica helped me untangle all the jumbled, plentiful ideas in my head about how to present myself and my business to potential clients. She set up our work so that we started and ended from the same place – setting tangible goals for our 1:1 session, and checking in to make sure that what we were developing together was aligned with my needs and values.

Authenticity in my business messaging was a high priority for me, and being able to work with Angelica together on this helped me feel as though it still all felt like “me” – both online and in-person – when presenting the work that I do and how I can help my clients.

How this is gonna go down

Step 1:

Schedule your Intensive and fill out the (super simple but super important) homework so we can be on the same page

Step 2:

Hang out with me for 3 hours on Zoom and chat about your business, values, and goals. My brain will come up with your unique framework for consistent messaging.

Step 3:

Be confident that the message and your strategy for sharing it will hit the mark with your audience

Clarity, better branding message, confidence — oh myyy!

Here’s a sampling of what we can do in 3 hours:

Investment: $800

(PS: The default to hold your appointment is 50% -- if you need a payment plan, just contact me!)

Here are the next steps...

Could it *be* any easier?!

Jenni Ingram

I needed someone to speak it out to, talk it back to me, and form a plan. Angelica listens well and is able to help get your brand story out of you in a way that makes sense and in a way that you can capture it for your customer.

I’ve gained confidence that there is a clear strategy, and reason to why I’m doing what I’m doing for our launch plan.

Hey, friend! I’m Angelica.

I help bold, brazen, change-making entrepreneurs tell their story and write copy + content that’s as true and powerful as possible. And since cookie cutters should stay firmly in the kitchen (or wherever it is you like to bake), the work we do together will be as unique as you — but it’ll still create a powerful connection with your audience!

Let’s create copy that’s relatable, fun, and reaches the people who need to hear it!



Not sure if this is for you?

I get it! You’re investing time, energy, and money into this relationship, so you want to be sure it’s the right move for you and your business. Send me a message and we can talk through it!