6-month small group coaching / done-with-you program for the people-focused creative entrepreneurs who are ready to discover their core message, up-level their marketing skills, and have time to create it all so they can confidently release their content into the world and use it to make deep connections and a real impact with the people they’re meant to serve

establish powerful relationships, significantly support your audience, and make more sales

with meaningful messaging + marketing that'll last

Your business is a reflection of who you are as a person. It’s time to finally prioritize building relationships through your marketing so you can be around for the long game.

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, you love working with your clients. And you need your marketing to keep drawing those clients to you and building strong relationships.

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, you love working with your clients. And you need your marketing to keep drawing those clients to you and building strong relationships.

You’ve probably taken courses or received some pointers from your business coach – but nothing that’s focused on creating (like…actually doing) your marketing with consistent support, accountability, and community.

You know that your impact (and ability to create relationships) comes down to how you show up and share about your business. But what if all the ideas are jumbled together in your head and creating content feels like you’re reinventing the wheel every single time?

What if you had a way to once and for all tap into your unique message + perspective, show up consistently for your people, and create relationships using a brand voice that’s undeniably you so your business can be around for the duration?

“I feel like for the first time my brand feels REAL and so authentic to me.”

“You have this magical ability to create such a safe, free flowing and friendly environment where it’s so easy to answer all of the questions I’ve been too scared to answer about my brand. I’m the type of person that needs a witness, community, a hand to hold to the work I do and the life I live; Angelica overdelivered. She asked all of the right questions, she took time out when she sensed I needed it…Easiest yes I’ve made in my business.”

Show up for your people with relationship-building content that leads to deeper trust (and sales!) – with clarity, consistency, and confidence

In this small-group coaching experience, you’ll be supported as you discover your unique message so you can consistently show up in your marketing and naturally talk about your programs and offers with ease.

It works because…

Learn to be a better communicator so the words flow naturally when you talk to potential clients.

Have confidence that your message will be full of your personality so no one else can copy it.

Create content with real time feedback on your writing so you aren’t bogged down by the blinking cursor.

Be encouraged with monthly challenges as you build the muscle of consistently showing up and sharing about your business.

Practice these skills in a space where it’s safe to get messy as you’re building your messaging and content strategy.

Find clarity in your messaging so you know the stories you share will land and people who need you will pick up what you’re putting down.

We'll talk about things like...

“It still all felt like ‘me’ – both online and in-person – when presenting the work that I do and how I can help my clients.”

“In working together, I’ve gained a framework for consistent messaging about what I do (and who I am!) – a call to action, and a way to describe my work and my ideal client’s transformation. I also feel as though I have a more direct connection to my work – and my “why” – by being able to workshop and say all those things out loud to someone else.”

My promise to you: a “homework free” zone (because you’re already doing enough).

If you avoid groups and courses like the citizens of Pawnee avoid vegetables, I can promise you’ll thrive here. Why?

A lot of groups take so much time. You have to set time aside for the group meetings and then find time in your day to do the “assignments” you’ve been given.

I believe you shouldn’t have to carve out even more time later to implement what you’ve learned. In this group, you’ll learn it and do it at the same time. And it’ll feel like a coffee date with your favorite friend.

Practicing these skills daily is great (it’s like a muscle you’ve gotta work!) but if you only have 3 hours a month to dedicate to your marketing, this will give you the space needed to develop and nurture relationships with really good content.

You’ll gain the courage, confidence, and capacity to show up for the long haul – even when it feels like no one is watching, even when it feels like no one cares – because those are the entrepreneurs that weather storms. The relationships you build with your audience will see you through.
Trust and giving a shit about your people isn’t created by fast marketing. It’s born and nurtured in the long game.

Let’s get into the details…

We’ll begin in March 2024! Let’s create relationships that’ll last for the long game!

Throughout this experience, you’ll….


And walk away with…

And actual content that you can use to build relationships! You’ll have the time on your calendar to learn how to create and use relationship-building content (and actually make it a priority) so you can show your people that you truly care about them and you’re here for the journey.

“Overall, my skills have tremendously increased and I know exactly how to use my brand messaging to attract my ideal clients!”

“I really appreciate how authentic you were with me throughout the whole process. I loved relating to you just as woman to woman and not feeling a massively awkward ‘professional barrier’ between us. That was awesome and made the whole process so much fun!

“Through working with you, I’ve gained the confidence I would have otherwise lost by doubting the strength of my copy. I have also gained more skills with my writing, marketing, editing, as well as new SOPs for writing blogs and brand messages.”

Tristan Thibodeau

Let’s give you the skills and space to explore + create so you can confidently use your marketing to develop and maintain strong connections that make the impact you’re dreaming of and the sales you deserve.

Want to use AI? Great! But you can’t use it *exclusively* to write your copy. Here’s why:

Unless you’re able to train AI with your voice, values, and message points, you’ll get generic words that are stripped of your magic.

So what do you do? You have to have….

  • A messaging guide for your business.
  • Knowledge of copywriting and marketing to take what AI gives you and make it sound like a human created it so other humans are compelled to pay attention to it.
The Long Game will help you with your message, your mindset, and mastery of marketing so you can use these AI tools (if you really want to) and it’ll still sound like you created it so you can keep showing up for your people.

Hey, friend! I’m Angelica.

a copywriter and messaging strategist for coaches and the creatives who support them.

I collect things… Furniture to flip, plants that need patience, and people. When you’re in my world, you’re in it for good.

This business was built on collecting – and taking care of! – relationships.

In fact, I’m still in touch with the person who helped launch this very business back in 2012. I regularly email past clients just to say hi (and include the magical line “No need to reply, just thinking about you!”)

So, you could say my gift for collecting people is actually staying in touch with people – and being willing to do the work to nurture these connections.

The relationships that you can build and the way your business will transform when you have the long game in mind is life changing. 

This program was made for people who give a shit about their business and want to be around for the long haul because they know they’re meant to do something important with it; giving up isn’t an option.

You need to have clarity in your message and consistent marketing. Then, you have to show up and share it so you can build relationships with the people that you’re meant to impact.

“You show up for your people” is a belief I hold dear (along with the fact that I’m actually 4 people, if the serving size of most recipes can be trusted).

The Long Game will give you the confidence and the context to show up for your people – in your marketing, in your life, in your business.


You know you’re called to make an impact through your business.


Jenni Ingram

“You’ve made an impact with more sales!”

“I’ve gained confidence that there is a clear strategy, and reason to why I’m doing what I’m doing for our launch plan. You’ve made an impact with more sales! Clarity of message, making sure it is simple yet comprehensive for the customer.”

Marketing is your business, even if your business has nothing to do with “marketing.”

evokes emotions

creations connections

forms stories

Your marketing is how you show up, build relationships, and share offers that lead to the most amazing clients who are so happy to find you.

It’s how you show up for the long game.

Let’s give you the skills and space to explore + create so you can confidently use your marketing to develop and maintain strong connections that make the impact you’re dreaming of and the sales you deserve.

“I’ve worked with a LOT of writers throughout my agency days and you are by far among the best!”

“I have a polished website that reflects what I do in a professional and well-written way. People can easily get a sense of what it’s like to work with me and the problems I can solve with them, and the content is expressed in a way where it guides the reader through a story and creates an emotional connection. Plus, being able to have thought-leadership blogs on my site helps give people even more of a glimpse into what I stand for, what I do, what I’m passionate about, and how I can help them!”

Koree Ritter,

Want more proof? You got it!


I’m not a big group person either! Each group will be capped at 3 people.

We’ll begin in March 2024. Exact dates and times will be determined by the group.

With 1:1 work, it’s just you and me. Here, you have the benefit of learning from others. Whether they ask a question you didn’t know you had (or you had and were too embarrassed to ask) or you’re seeing their example, this is a collaborative group where you’ll learn from others (and help others to learn as well).

Fantastic! Let’s talk about that. DM me on Instagram (@heyangelicaross) or contact me to get started.

Thanks! All the credit goes to my colleague Ash Burnside, an amazing astrologer who can help you meet your muse and find your flow.

Why is she called “The Long Game”?

Because your business is here for the duration. And that means having real relationships with your clients. That means showing them they can trust you. That means communicating that you’re not just a flash-in-the-pan coach or creative.

Learning how to use your marketing to establish and build these relationships that last has to be a priority for the longevity of your business.

Absolutely! I want to make sure this is a good fit (for you and for me!) so let’s talk about what’s going on for you. DM me on Instagram (@heyangelicaross) or contact me. It won’t be a commitment, just opening the conversation, so you can see whether this is supportive for you.

Made it down here and not sure if this is for you?

I get it! You’re investing time, energy, and money into this relationship, so you want to be sure it’s the right move for you and your business. Send me a message and we can talk through it!