You want to be able to trust the person you're collaborating with, especially if you're putting your project-baby in my hands. I understand. I can't let someone take over a recipe let alone touch my business. So it has to be the right fit for both of us. How do you know it's right? (Aside from getting that warm and fuzzy feeling like when you see the waiter coming with your food at a restaurant, of course.)

Take a look at "glowing recommendations" in the dictionary and you'll see a few of these. (I swear, I did not pay anyone off. It just reads like I did. Because I know my shit.)

"Angelica Ross, you have helped me so much this past year. The monthly newsletter commitment has pushed me to be consistent with my fans, friends and customers. You have helped to give me peace of mind, and you have also helped my run on sentences! Not being a writer by trade has held me back in writing a monthly newsletter because it just seemed like too much. I really feel comfortable working with you, also conversing and tweaking what the newsletter says and how it can be changed and improved. Thank you!!"

Amanda Wolf, Wolf's Den Pottery

ā€œI never imagined I could find affordable marketing help that has turned out to be such a huge help. Angelica always understands exactly what Iā€™m looking for with a minimum of discussion, and then is quick, efficient, never late, and right on the mark with the results ā€” consistently exceeds expectations as my increased sales results demonstrate best.ā€

Elizabeth Schuhmann, Eclectica Gallery

Sam Laffey and Nathan Shaulis (and Jeanie and Porter), Porter Loves Creative

"Working with Angelica on some copy for our business was a total dream. Writing is something we feel very comfortable with, but when it came to our own services, we kept hitting a road block as so many people do. Angelica took time to hear us on who we are, what we do, and the tone we wanted to strike with our audience. She drafted copy that really synthesized what we wanted to say but couldn't find the right words for on our own. We couldn't be happier with our experience with Angelica - we just wish we had reached out sooner!"


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"I knew I wanted one of those catchy newsletters that people enjoyed reading and would boost sales. Angelica nailed that. She's always charming, articulate, fun, and does a great job linking my social media and Etsy from my newsletters. This has resulted in an uptick of orders and an above average "open rate" for my e-newsletter. 

I have used Angelica for other tasks such as copy on coupons, bag stuffers, thank you cards, website and media kit content. Whether I need her to write "fun & playful"  or "formal & professional", she pulls it off perfectly. 

She is a vital part of what I call my "small business dream team". Her help has directly helped me grow my business and she would be a valuable addition to your team."

Amanda Fenner, North Ave Candles

"Angelica is an absolute pleasure to work with to help build my media presence. She has been writing my blog posts for me on my website and I have seen an increase in traffic to my website and a larger number of bookings on my site for my services as well. I always enjoy what she has written up for me, I am not the best writer, so she does a better job of wording things and creating a friendly, yet professional tone to my blogs.

I would highly recommend her to anyone as she gives you exactly what you want, easy to reach if have any questions, easy going, and all around just a nice person just to chat with. Thank you, Angelica, for all your hard work!"

Christina Skinner, Eclectic Remedies

Judy Masucci, Levana Bratique

"I contacted Angelica to do my social media at the referral of one of my mentors. At first, I was nervous - I had been doing everything myself and giving that "control" over to Angelica was a big step in taking my business to the next level. Angelica made it so easy! At first, she made "previews" of all of the content before she posted it so that I could approve it. This helped us to get to know each other - and helped me to get more comfortable with someone else writing my content. Now, she takes charge and manages everything! She is very hands-on - I love how she gets to know the products that I carry - sometimes I even learn something about them by the research she does before she posts something. She takes most of her own photography, which makes everything look authentic. She is very meticulous - which I love and she's got a fun spirit - so she really knows how to keep my audience engaged. I was hesitant at first, but hiring Angelica has turned out to be one of the best things that I have done for my business. My sales are up, my social media engagement is up, and my business has a great presence. I couldn't have done it without her help!"