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Twitter is an interesting beast. It’s a hub for having great conversations with just about anyone and sharing links. It’s also a place for dumpster fires and arguing (and we all know arguing with strangers on the internet always ends well).

Despite what you may think from that glowing introduction, Twitter really is a great place to showcase your authority and your personality in small bites.

If you want to include Twitter in your lineup of networks to use for your content marketing, it has to be managed well in order for it to have much, if any, efficacy. I’ve outlined the ways that you can decide if Twitter should be part of your strategy and how you can use it to find success for your business.

First thing’s first: do you really need to be on Twitter?

Not everyone wants or needs Twitter as part of their social media marketing strategy. It’s a huge time investment. According to research compiled by CoSchedule on the ideal posting frequency for all social media networks, they recommend posting to Twitter 15 times per day. That’s 15 pieces of content! Daily! Add in the retweets and the curated content and the replies…it is a big responsibility.

Some parties referenced in the CoSchedule article suggest no more than three tweets because, after that, engagement drops off. Others suggest posting at least once per hour during business hours since Twitter is such a fast-paced network.

Not to totally freak you out about this, just want you to know the commitment it takes to be successful! It’s like getting a dog. It’s all fun and games until it throws up in your bed.

Knowing all of that, let’s take a look at your goals. You know my favorite thing to say is, “What’s your why?” So…why do you want to be on Twitter?

Do you wish to engage with your customers more and have conversations with them? Do you have time to both schedule tweets and post natively during the day? Twitter may be the place for you!

Now that you want to be on Twitter, here’s how you do it well!

As with any endeavor, success depends upon good planning. And with any marketing strategy, you have to have a strategy. I mean, it’s in the name, people!

So, plan a little bit. It’ll set you up for success.

When and how much

Like Tori shared in her Decent Exposure episode about finding success on Instagram, consistency is the key.  I don’t care how often you tweet, but you have to do it consistently.

Actually, I take that back. I do care how often you tweet, because your goals must be supported by your actions. If your goal is to have a presence on Twitter and you’re just happy to be showing up on that network, committing to a minimum of two tweets per day is a great start.

But if you want to grow your following and make Twitter a top-referring network for you, two tweets won’t cut it. You’ll have to show up much more often and dedicate time to engaging with others and sharing relevant content.

So, look at your goal for that network. Determine how often you want to tweet and what type of content you’ll share to support that goal. And stick do it.

Find when your followers are online

What good will your tweets do if they aren’t reaching anyone? No good, that’s what. Like I mentioned, Twitter is a fast-paced beast. There are tons of tweets flying around per minute. If you don’t know when the best time to tweet to catch that wave is, you’ll likely be shouting into the void. It’s like throwing a pebble into the Grand Canyon and expecting it to do…well, anything.

There are dozens of tools, both free and paid, that show when your followers are most active. Tweriod is a great free tool to use to analyze when your followers are active on Twitter. Followerwonk, created by the folks at Moz, offer a paid version with comprehensive statistics.

Schedule it in

Now that you have a plan and know when the best time to execute said plan is, use a scheduling tool to make it easier to do the executing part. Wait, that came out wrong. You know what I mean.

There are a ton of options that have both free and paid options. I am a fan of Buffer, though Hootsuite, MeetEdgar, and Tweetdeck are all tried and true options. Currently, I’m loving Buffer and how it saves me time (if you’re interested in learning how I manage my clients’ social media in a few hours using Buffer, here’s a guide I put together).

I’m a fan of batching things (and have written about it a lot, but here’s a great way to get started with batching, in my opinion).

Using a tool to automate your tweets will do a few things for you:

  1. You’ll be able to sit down one time for the week/month/quarter and set yourself up for consistency success.

  2. You’ll be sure you’re promoting any big sales, launches, releases, etc, because your attention will be completely on the task at hand before the launch so you won’t get distracted by last-minute things you’ll have to do offline/elsewhere.

  3. You won’t have to find articles and pictures on the fly – goodbye, stress of worrying about that!

  4. Any time you would have dedicated to writing tweets that promote yourself during the day can now go to towards interacting with followers, retweeting interesting things, and generally curating your account so it’s well-rounded.

Using a scheduling tool will take the stress off of trying to find and tweet things as you go about your day. I don’t know about you, but I can barely keep up with my emails, let alone finding the time to do my clients’ Twitter feeds justice.

In a recent Decent Exposure episode, we talked about how we effectively automate all social media, not just Twitter. If you’re going to do it, you need to know how to do it well.

Now that you have decided to make Twitter part of your content marketing strategy, you have to make it interesting and give your people a reason to follow and engage with you there. Having a plan in place with how often and what you’ll be tweeting will ensure your efforts will support your goals. Then, you can focus on executing the plan well and being the Twitter rockstar you always knew you could be.

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