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This month, we’re going to explore marketing plans. It seems like when it comes to finding resources for making a plan, people give you checklists and swipe files, but they don’t talk about the foundation: the big picture of why you need to plan in the first place. They’ll give you their opinion of the best networks to be on and a few recommendations on posting frequency or they’ll throw so much information at you that you can’t digest it all.

But I know you. You’re a DIY-er. You don’t need someone to build it for you, to copy someone else’s work, or to spend hours trying to figure out what the hell you should be doing. You need a quick and dirty understanding of the basics so you can get your plan together and move on.

Enter Bootstrap Your Blueprint: Why, How, and What You Need to DIY Your Marketing Plan

This series will be a no-frills theory introducing Why, How, and What you need to have in place for your marketing plan to succeed. A lot of these questions and topics presented are things I’ve have my Creative Collaboration clients consider when they start their own plans.

After this three-part blog series wraps up, you can even dive a little deeper in an accompanying email series with specific, actionable steps you can implement right now (like in super-simple 30-minute or less bursts) so you can bootstrap your own successful marketing plan.

Let’s face it, even my attention span isn’t that great when it comes to something I completely nerd out on, so you’re only getting three emails – one corresponding with each post that dives a bit deeper on the topics explored.

And you’re only getting these exercises (that I’d have you do when you work with me anyway) as a member of this email challenge. The normal blog series readers will not be getting this expert info.

Then, it’s up to you to do the work and apply it. Like I said, these are all things I’ve shared with numerous clients. Because it works. Basic marketing theory does not change. It just works in varying degrees depending on how much time and effort you want to put in.

It’s like a gym membership. Just because you have one doesn’t mean 6-pack abs will appear.

So the choice is yours. You can read the series and have a solid understanding of the why, how, and what behind bootstrapping your own marketing plan. Or you can take a few extra minutes and get useful exercises and resources to get you started.

(And if you’re seeing this after the blog series has wrapped up..where were you?? You totally missed out. I’m bluffing: you can still get the emails, you just don’t have to wait.)

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