Bootstrap Your Marketing Blueprint, Part Two: The How

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Welcome to Bootstrap Your Marketing Blueprint: Why, How, What You Need to DIY a Marketing Plan, Part Two. This series will explore the no-frills theory of Why, How, and What you need to have in place for your marketing plan to succeed. A lot of these questions and topics presented are things I’ve have my Creative Collaboration clients consider when they start their own plans.

If you want to dive deeper and receive specific, actionable steps you can implement right now (like in super-simple 30-minute or less bursts) so you can bootstrap your own successful marketing plan that you’d only get as one of my clients, join the Action Email Squad! The first action step will be released to the wild (aka: that list) on May 31st.

Last week, we talked about Why. Now, we’re talking about How. The How is going to look at how, specifically, you will build your marketing plan.

First, you have to think about how much time do you want to dedicate to your marketing? This is a big thing. You see those posts that are like, “You can be awesome at marketing with just 10 minutes a day.” I’m calling bullshit on that.

If you’re managing one network and don’t care about results, interacting with other people, and making sure everything is grammatically correct…sure, you can do that in 10 minutes. By all means, throw whatever you want at the wall and see what sticks. You should probably also stop reading now since we’re ⅔ of the way through this series and I haven’t convinced you to cut that shit out.

But to be strategic, and get results, and enjoy it? Honey, you gotta spend a little more time planning how you’re going to make this all work.

So first, figure out how much time you want to spend on this. If you only want to devote one hour of work to this each week, don’t have grandiose thoughts of posting to Facebook twice a day, constantly updating Instagram Stories, and participating in a Twitter chat every night.

You’re just setting yourself up for failure. It’s like picking a goal that is neither specific nor measurable nor attainable nor…well, you get it.

Realistically, how much time can you dedicate to this and where does your audience hang out the most? Where do you see the best results already? That’s a great place to start (we’ll get into this idea more in Part Three: The What).

You do know what your top-performing networks are, right? If not, don’t pass go, etc, etc. Install Google Analytics on your website. Track your performance.

You have to be strategic with the time you have allotted. I find that batching your work is going to maximize your time. For example: schedule all of your Facebook posts, then all of your tweets rather than hopping from network to network each day.

Another how to consider is how you’ll share your message. You’ve already thought about your goals, tracking performance, and who you’re helping in Part One, The Why. Now, let’s think about how you’ll interact with your audience to convey that message.

What’s your tone? Are you friendly, authoritative, funky, snarky? In another sense, does your audience appreciate friendly, authoritative, funky, or snarky tones? Does your tone speak to both your audience and the values that your brand stands for?

Finally, you gotta plan. You absolutely cannot just throw promotional posts out there, especially on Facebook. You must be engaging, helpful, and entertaining so your audience keeps clicking like, or commenting, or otherwise engaging with your posts.

Organic reach is down (like 2% of the people who like your page see your posts), so the more resourceful you can be and the more you can show your audience that you don’t just want the sale, the better. That’s the social part of social media.

Start thinking about how you’re going to convey your values to your audience so they do the thing you want them to do and where you’ll have the most success.

Email Two in the Action Email series is going to cover the exact way I help my clients (and I myself) make a marketing map that drives the plan (and keeps the time commitment low). Make sure you’re signed up to get these emails. This is seriously the step you won’t want to miss.

Next week in Part Three, The What, we’re getting into some specific tools to take your How and make it a marketing plan.

Where are you getting caught up in this step? Comment below and let’s work through it together!

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