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Harness the power of using the right words to grab your customer’s attention and write clear, compelling marketing copy!

>> The Secret Pillars of Great Content
>> The BJ Principle
>> The SPARK Method
>> Write Drunk Perfectionism
>> Why You’re Not Posting and How to Start

All in a funky and totally                       5-day challenge!

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You’re overwhelmed with the content you need to produce, unsure of the ROI of writing for your business, and would rather hop on the train with Michael after he declares bankruptcy than figure out how to make any real strides in your marketing strategy?

Hey — 

In the 5 days we’ll spend together, you’ll be ready to write persuasively so your audience takes action, produce content that’s more like a story than a sales pitch, and manage it all better so your excuses for NOT writing your copy fall away.

All you have to do is show up on Facebook with me for 5 days. Soak up the goodness of what I’m telling you and spend some time practicing it for yourself. That’s all!

We start on Monday, March 16 — with or without you (but I hope it’ll be with you)!

I See You!

I’m a converted mantra skeptic, content creator, and copywriter in Pittsburgh. I’m also a storyteller by nature and love finding the right words that connect with an audience. As a reformed Do-It-All-Yourselfer, I’m here to be your collaborator and provide support for your business’s marketing and writing.

I love collaborating and brainstorming. Getting ideas flowing by talking them out is the best way to come up with creative, interesting gems. Connecting people to awesome things makes my heart sing. You deserve all kinds of good attention and to find people who really get you and support you. When you can’t articulate that yourself, that’s where I come in.

I believe in the power of a new notebook, the healing properties of cinnamon rolls, and that I’m four people according to the serving size of most recipes.

Created by Angelica Ross:

"Since working with Angelica, I (for the first time in my business) have been producing content on a regular basis. I now look forward to writing because Angelica has helped me find the thread between all of the content I want to produce and making sure all of my platforms support the same goal."
—Brittany Barnhart,

"I've never felt prepared or capable of doing 'content marketing'. It seemed hard, mysterious, and stressed me OUT. After lots of false-starts trying to put together a plan with themes/ideas, this workshop helped me do it! I wouldn't have done it in this way on my own - I would have continued to flounder and post random stuff like always. Now I feel like I have a path forward and I can't wait to start putting it into action!"
—Jen Lyker,

"[Working with Angelica] was so fun and gave me clarity around planning my content in 90 day chunks. It was great to get real-time feedback and help with creating themes, thinking of relevant stories, and how to organize it all into a strategic plan. My mind was still buzzing with inspiration for hours afterward!"
—Danielle Zeigler,


We’ll start on March 16th, so I’ll see you there, my friend!

If you work through this with me for all 5 days, you’ll be ready to start writing clear, compelling copy.